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Tuesday, 26 January 2016


There has been a Shag at Stewartby Lake, Bedfordshire, for the last few days, favouring one of the pontoons at the sailing club.

Myself and Whisky took a ride over there on Sunday to see if we could find it. It's also a good walk round the lake, and it's not far from where we live, so we both got the benefit of it.

A few birds around and quite a few joggers and other dog walkers too,

We passed a couple of people with a spotting scope scanning the water, and got chatting. He mentioned the Shag was still here, on the pontoon, just a few yards further on.
We set off and just before we got to the spot, a Cormorant type bird flew from around the spot, and headed out across the lake. Was this the Shag? Very likely, but I didn't get even a half decent look, so no good saying I'd seen it.

Today we set off again, once the rush hour traffic had subsided, and decided to try our luck again.

And there it was, usual spot, and preening. The weather wasn't as good as it could have been though; very cloudy, and very windy. Still, when there's a Shag around, you have to take the best you can.

I took a short video too, which gives an idea of how windy it was.

I took a few more pictures, and then it was joined by a Cormorant.

A very similar looking bird, so it was good to see them side by side for a bit of comparison.

After a few minutes the Cormorant left, and shortly after that, the Shag disappeared too. Both off fishing for lunch I suppose. I decided it was time for us to go get some lunch too.

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