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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Halfway through February

Well, this year is spurting on, and we've had some good days out so far.

The Ferruginous Duck has been at the local lake for the past few days, despite the initial disbelief of local twitcher Lee Evans.

Even accused me on Twitter of making it all up.

What a cunt.

Then he had the cheek to congratulate me ............

Oh dear; and then some people wonder why I have a low opinion of local birders.

Here's another, who once used to text me of local birds and then suddenly stopped for no apparent reason.

Ah yes, when you want something.

But the birds have been good.

Red Crested Pochard

Water Rail, top left and the Ferruginous Duck with some Tufted Duck.

Had some Goosander with a brief visit,

 flying Mallards

and even a few Grey Wagtails

Sometimes it's all been too much .............

We'll both be glad to get back to Wales.

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