You might see weeds, but I see wild flowers

Thursday, 31 March 2016

A day on the Orme

That's the Great Orme; and it is great. Despite it usually being a bit windy,

 (even the trees grow with the wind)

it has a wealth of wildlife through the year.

This visit I was hoping to find my first Wheatears of the year, after the recent storms, and I wasn't disappointed.

Distant, but I saw about a dozen. They'll soon be a bit more settled and allow closer views like this one that I took last year.

There was a large flock of Linnets around the area known as the Limestone Pavement

and of course, plenty of Meadow Pipits.

Another bird that can be found in good numbers over pretty much of the Orme, are Stonechats.

From the coastal road, looking over the cliffs, there's usually plenty of seabirds to see. Not always easy to get good close ups though.

A very distant Kittiwake 

Razorbills and Guillemots

and a distant Shag.

Yes, the Great Orme really is great, whatever time of the year you visit.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Some more from Wales

A selection of some of the birds from north Wales.

Siskins are such lovely little birds.

This pair were doing a food pass.



There are times, in strong sunlight, a Yellowhammer looks almost like a Canary.

A visit to RSPB South Stack one day produced some Chough, gathering nesting material and some food.

One of our most colourful and common birds is the Chaffinch. Sadly often overlooked.


Another colourful bird is the Stonechat, often found on heathland.


Oystercatchers can be found all along the north coast, with their carrot coloured bills and legs.

And finally, a sunset from one of my favourite reserves here ........... RSPB Conwy.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

North Wales

Been here a couple of weeks now, and there is still so much to see.

Sun coming through some early morning mist

Whisky has been having great fun with two of his brothers, Obi and Thistle

and other times just having a few moments to relax.

Some of the frogs have been busy filling the pond with frogspawn

and this Great Diving Beetle was making his way down the track towards the pond one morning. A huge beast, and has a liking for tadpoles apparently.

The bird life around the cottage has been varied and great to watch.





It's not all birds here. There's a few Bank Voles around that take advantage of the bird seed left lying around.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Monday I took a trip out to South Stack, on Anglesey.

A beautiful sunny day, and a quick stop off to take a few pictures as I went by Capel Curig.

Llyn Ogwin

Anglesey has some great places to visit, and one of them has to be a trip to South Stack.


Puffins can be seen here, but I was a bit too early to see them. Probably still out at sea, and on their way. Some of the breeding birds have been arriving though; quite a few Razorbills, and Guillemots.


The real stars for me though, are the small breeding colony of Chough.


A few hours spent wandering around, and then it was off to Breakwater Country Park, about 10 minutes away. Always worth a visit here too. More Chough to see, amongst other birds, and a very nice coastal walk along the cliffs to Holyhead.


My final destination for the day was Llanfairfechan, along the north coast of Wales. I park the car on the promenade, and then walk along the coastal path that takes in a couple of designated nature reserves. Salt marsh, and coast, a perfect setting for some great birds, and Monday was no exception. From one of the bird hides at Morfa Madryn, I spotted a couple of Greenshank.


A great long full day out in the sun. Perfect.

Friday, 11 March 2016

A sunny day for a change

After some pretty horrible weather, today has been wall to wall sunshine, after a frosty and foggy start.

Had a couple of visits to some favourite places today. One was to hopefully see some Purple Sandpipers at Rhos-on-sea.

This time of the year, there is a good chance of seeing some, and after a short search amongst the rocks, I finally found three.

They can usually be found with Turnstone, and just a little way along, there was a small group of them.

But the real star today, was the Purple Sandpiper.

Hope we get some more sunny days.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Back in Wales

We're both back in north Wales at the moment; first visit this year.

We made it before the snow came, not that there has been much yet.

Looking down the track that leads up to the cottage.

The snow on the distant mountains certainly make for pleasant pictures.

I've spent a bit of time planting a Hawthorn hedge in one area of the cottage, so visits out have been confined mainly to the fields around the place.
I did venture out yesterday though.

Clocaenog Forest

I was hoping to see some Crossbills, but sadly none visible. Not much of anything really, apart from snow covered conifers.

After a fruitless search I decided to go on to Loggerheads Country Park.
By now the sun was shining, and a lot of the snow was beginning to melt.

Grey Wagtail

The river that runs through the 'park' is called the River Alyn and the last time I visited it had run almost dry. Apparently when the level of water drops above ground, it still flows on its way underground.
Yesterday though, the levels were the highest I've ever seen.

It's always a good spot to see Dippers, and that was what I was hoping to see.

I walked about a mile and half alongside the river, but no Dippers. 
Was it too deep I was wondering?

A few Grey Wagtails along the edges,

and then as I made my way back to the car park, I caught a brief glimpse of one.

A poor shot, but I was happy to have found one.

Hopefully I can get some more outings in, in between the wintry showers before we have to head back home.