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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Back in Wales

We're both back in north Wales at the moment; first visit this year.

We made it before the snow came, not that there has been much yet.

Looking down the track that leads up to the cottage.

The snow on the distant mountains certainly make for pleasant pictures.

I've spent a bit of time planting a Hawthorn hedge in one area of the cottage, so visits out have been confined mainly to the fields around the place.
I did venture out yesterday though.

Clocaenog Forest

I was hoping to see some Crossbills, but sadly none visible. Not much of anything really, apart from snow covered conifers.

After a fruitless search I decided to go on to Loggerheads Country Park.
By now the sun was shining, and a lot of the snow was beginning to melt.

Grey Wagtail

The river that runs through the 'park' is called the River Alyn and the last time I visited it had run almost dry. Apparently when the level of water drops above ground, it still flows on its way underground.
Yesterday though, the levels were the highest I've ever seen.

It's always a good spot to see Dippers, and that was what I was hoping to see.

I walked about a mile and half alongside the river, but no Dippers. 
Was it too deep I was wondering?

A few Grey Wagtails along the edges,

and then as I made my way back to the car park, I caught a brief glimpse of one.

A poor shot, but I was happy to have found one.

Hopefully I can get some more outings in, in between the wintry showers before we have to head back home.

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