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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

South Stack

Always a good visit here, but usually windy. Plenty of gulls on the rocks, Meadow Pipits and the first bird I saw; a fantastic Peregrine. The Chough were  riding the wind as usual. A great sight to see.

Yes, a great place to visit.

 The Lighthouse

The day I visited was glorious sunshine, although the day before was heavy rain, and caused a bit of flooding on the road from the visitor centre to the lighthouse.

Had to walk along the wall to avoid the deep water, and hope the wind didn't blow me off.

Lots of Razorbills and Guillemots on the cliff,



and after a lot of searching the water through my binoculars, I finally managed to see a couple of Puffins bobbing in the sea.

 Poor shot, but a long way away.

After the long climb back up the steps from the lighthouse, I decided to go back to the car park a different way.

 Another flight of stone steps, that lead to a stone hut, and some very wet mountain.

Worth the walk though, because I saw a stunning Sparrowhawk.


A hot coffee back at the car, and then off to another favourite spot here, Breakwater Country Park .................. but that's another post .............. probably.

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