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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

RSPB Titchwell

Had a trip out to RSPB Titchwell a couple of days ago. About a two and a half hour journey from home, but always worth going. There had been reported sightings of a Little Stint and a Temminck's Stint, amongst other birds, and since these two are birds that I don't often see, and I hadn't visited this reserve since March, last year, I thought I should go have a look.
Unfortunately, Whisky couldn't come with me, (no dogs allowed on RSPB reserves), so I was up ridiculously early so that I could take him for a good walk and a run before I left.

It rained most of the way there, and turned to a light drizzle when I got there. My plan was to just have a couple of hours there, so as not to leave the boy too long on his own.

A walk down to the sea first. I love to be near the sea; I'm sure I must have been a crab or some other sea creature in a past life.

Along the path a large flock of Linnets seemed to be making their way there too.

Lovely birds, and amongst them I noticed a couple of Reed Buntings.

A Wood Pigeon was taking a rest on one of the signs along the edge of the saltmarsh.

As I got nearer the beach, I could hear the waves crashing on the shore. The tide was in.
A group of Sanderling were doing their usual of running up and down the shore line as the waves crashed in.

Lovely little birds ...................... like clockwork toys as they race along, dodging the waves. A couple of Turnstone were with them too, looking splendid in their summer plumage.

A short video:

I could have stayed a lot longer watching them, but I knew I had to be mindful of the time; plus I wanted to see the 'stints' if they were still here.

I made my way back along the path, down to the newish Parrinder Hide.

Scanning over the islands I managed to see some Oystercatchers, Avocet, plenty of gulls, and then way off in the distance, the Temminck's Stint. Way too far away for a picture, but I did manage a very distant shot of the Little Stint.

 Not the best of pictures, but gives some idea of what they look like.

I'd managed to see the two birds I was hoping to see, plus extras.

A fine looking Grey Plover with his summer coat on, next to a Ringed Plover.

And another, with two Bar-tailed Godwits and Shelduck behind.

The rain hadn't stopped all morning, and was beginning to get heavier now.

Time to make my way back home.

Despite the rain, I had a great visit, with 50 species of birds seen.

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