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Thursday, 30 June 2016


One week on from a democratic vote as to whether we stay in Europe or leave, the losers are still whining.
The country has a leadership crisis, and the opposition is in crisis too.
You couldn't make it up.

A petition to hold another referendum has over 3 million signatures; but that's been shown to be fraudulent.
Even so, 17 million voted to leave, so it was a non starter even if it was genuine.

It'll take at least 2 years before we are completely free of the shackles of Europe, and I reckon in that time, there will be a few more countries voting to leave the big unhappy family of Europe.

Once again we lead the World.

Here's a picture.

Fox and Cubs



Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Red Squirrel

Anglesey is reputed to be a great place to see Red Squirrels; but in all my visits, I've never seen one. I've not seen one for many years in fact, so when I read on social media a while ago of a place that was probably one of the best places to see them, I decided to go have a look.

I set off early, and arrived at 6:45.

Llyn Parc Mawr

A picnic area on the road from Newborough to Malltraeth in some woodland, with some farmland nearby.
I parked the car, and set off on one of the 'Red Squirrel Walks.'

I had the place practically to myself, an enjoyable walk through the woods,

with just the birds for company. No sign of any 'reds' though.

After a while the trail came to the edge of a lake.

No sign of any way to the edge though; there appeared to be a fence all the way round. A couple Oystercatchers were on one of the islands, some Mallards and Tufted Duck on the water, and a couple of flyover Buzzards.

After a while I carried on.

One of the many rides that had me thinking an ideal area for butterflies on a sunny day.

Eventually I arrived back at the car park ......................... and still no sign of any 'reds'.

A quick drink and a bite to eat, and I decided to explore the area round the car park.

Not far from the seating area I finally noticed the feeding stations that I'd heard about.
And then a 'red' came scurrying down a tree.

He stopped to pose for a picture,

and then made a bee line for the feeding box.

Pretty soon another came down from the tree tops, followed by a third. Quite a bit of activity as they ran up and down the trees; fascinating to watch, and not too far away.

A really great place, and worth another visit.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Burton Mere

Whenever I'm in north Wales, I always try to make at least one visit across the border, into Cheshire, and the RSPB reserve at Burton Mere.
There's always a good variety of birds and other wildlife there, and the day I visited was no exception.
For a few days there had been reports of a couple of Spoonbill there. The numbers gradually increased to six, so on the last day of May, I set off for my visit; after stopping off at Loggerheads Country Park, just outside Ruthin, in Denbigshire.

I watched a few Grey Wagtails along the River Alyn that runs through it, watched a couple of Dippers, and enjoyed the heady scent of the Ransoms that grow here.


Then, after a coffee, it was off over the Dee Estuary, to Burton Mere.

When I got there, there was a few more cars in the car park than usual. The draw of the Spoonbills no doubt.

Another star of the day, was this beauty up in the trees in the car park.

Spotted Flycatcher

Out on the scrape, in front of the visitor centre, were two Spoonbill.

After a while, a walk down one of the footpaths, produced a few Bee Orchids, and some of these.

Marsh Orchid ........... I think.

Back along the path, past the visitor centre, and along the other footpath towards the hide.

Usually some some Common Lizards basking in the sun along the fences, but not today.
Down to where the Grey Heron and Little Egret roost and nest, and two more Spoonbill flew overhead.

 Looking splendid in the blue sky and sunlight.

A few butterflies around, some more Spoonbill watching, and then it was time to head back home.