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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Red Squirrel

Anglesey is reputed to be a great place to see Red Squirrels; but in all my visits, I've never seen one. I've not seen one for many years in fact, so when I read on social media a while ago of a place that was probably one of the best places to see them, I decided to go have a look.

I set off early, and arrived at 6:45.

Llyn Parc Mawr

A picnic area on the road from Newborough to Malltraeth in some woodland, with some farmland nearby.
I parked the car, and set off on one of the 'Red Squirrel Walks.'

I had the place practically to myself, an enjoyable walk through the woods,

with just the birds for company. No sign of any 'reds' though.

After a while the trail came to the edge of a lake.

No sign of any way to the edge though; there appeared to be a fence all the way round. A couple Oystercatchers were on one of the islands, some Mallards and Tufted Duck on the water, and a couple of flyover Buzzards.

After a while I carried on.

One of the many rides that had me thinking an ideal area for butterflies on a sunny day.

Eventually I arrived back at the car park ......................... and still no sign of any 'reds'.

A quick drink and a bite to eat, and I decided to explore the area round the car park.

Not far from the seating area I finally noticed the feeding stations that I'd heard about.
And then a 'red' came scurrying down a tree.

He stopped to pose for a picture,

and then made a bee line for the feeding box.

Pretty soon another came down from the tree tops, followed by a third. Quite a bit of activity as they ran up and down the trees; fascinating to watch, and not too far away.

A really great place, and worth another visit.


  1. Fantastic blog Keith, a new one, and the Red Squirrel, nicely done, great photographed.

  2. Thank you Bob, my first comment on here. :-)
    Yea, a new blog. I've not advertised much though.