You might see weeds, but I see wild flowers

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Around the bog

A wander around the bog and surrounding fields here in Gwynedd, north Wales, has produced a few pictures to share.

One of the Buzzards that are constantly calling.

I found a lovely little yellow flower growing along near the edge of the bog, in the field.

Trailing St John's-wort

First time I've knowingly seen this plant, and once I'd got the ID, I've started seeing it quite a bit.
Another small plant growing quite close to it is this one,

Dovesfoot Cranesbill

There are plenty of Marsh Thistle growing at the edge of the bog, which is attracting a few birds after the seeds.

A large flock of Blue Tits were enjoying the seeds.

Carefully wading into the bog I came across another first for me.

Greater Birdsfoot Trefoil.

Plenty of Wild Angelica too

Back on drier land a tiny blue flower,

 Thyme-leaved Speedwell

I'll finish with a shot of Whisky, and one of his brothers, Obi.

Wet, dirty and happy after running around in the bog.


  1. NOw Keith I stumbled upon this blog of your that I have never seen before and I cannot see anywhere on it to be able to follow it so therefore I never know when you are posting!! Help please! Lovely to see all the shots of you and the dogs wlking around the bogs and meadows and finding all these wonderful wildflowers. Often people miss so much by not looking more closely at the wonderful things that are small and beautiful and all arond them. The dogs must love it there and it is great that Whiskey has fun in the company of other dogs. Hope your weekend is going well

  2. Thanks Margaret. It's not a blog I've publicised much, but there is a 'follow' button on the right hand side. It's between the 'About me' bit and the 'Labels'.
    I've taken quite a big interest in wild flowers at the moment, and when I'm up here in Wales, there's so many more to see that are not down in MK.
    Whisky loves it here, but it's back to England soon. :-)