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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Down in the bog

Went down to the bog this morning, in one of the fields here in north Wales, to see what's about; accompanied by the dogs of course.

Whisky, Thistle and Ellie

Quite a few Harebell dotted around,

a few Meadow Browns and Ringlet butterflies,

and the thistles were attracting a lot of bees.

Bees with white bums

bees with orange bums

and bees with stripy bums.

But it was the plants in the bog I mainly wanted to look at, usually a good selection here. Some Cotton Grass growing in the middle, a couple of clumps of Ragged Robin and some Trefoil growing by the edge.

Masses of Marsh Bedstraw,

some Bog Asphodel

Cross-Leaved Heath

Marsh Willowherb

and a lot of Marsh Cinquefoil.

An enjoyable couple of hours, and the dogs enjoyed it too.


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