You might see weeds, but I see wild flowers

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Anniversary plus 3

Three days ago it would have been the one year anniversary of this blog; hence the title.

I've never been good at remembering dates and anniversary's; even when I was married many years ago.
I seem to be worse now, that I'm not in full health ............... and older.

My mum is not in full health at the moment, although her condition is different to mine.
She's suffering from Lewy Bodies Dementia, and has severe degenerative arthritis in her back.
This picture of us was taken the day before her 87th birthday.

At the moment she is in hospital, and hopefully will be out next week. The sad thing is she will probably be going into a care home very soon. Day to day life is increasingly becoming a massive challenge. Even eating with a knife and fork is hard for her now. She has trouble holding them, and her food has to be cut up for her, like you would a child. She see's people who aren't there, forgets things, and can't do the simplest of tasks. Cooking ended a long time ago. 
Her finances have to be done for her, she just doesn't understand it now.
Often she says she can't understand why these things are happening. We do what we can, and have to do the simplest of things for her.
It is not living.
If Whisky was in a similar situation, because I love him I would end his distress and misery.
I love my mum, but in this country, I can't do the same for her.
It is so VERY wrong.

I doubt I will ever get to that stage,

On a brighter note, I recently had a picture of Whisky done as a canvas print.

Happier times when we were in north Wales.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Red Fox

We had a quick walk this morning to see how the building work of the school at Kents Hill is coming along.

I'm told by one of the workmen that the ground work is nearly finished.

This is the main entrance to the school, and in the distance, work is continuing to do the school field/football pitch.

The car parking area has acquired a temporary building.

This, so I'm told, will house the big bosses. The ones who earn lots of money, and do little work.

While we were there, I noticed in the field on the other side of the road, a beautiful fox.

This field has been earmarked for housing, so sadly this stunner will soon be homeless. Such a shame.

We made our way back home after shooting some video, and then it was on to Caldecotte Lake, to see if we could find the Bearded Tit again.

We did. 

A post here.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

So far ..................

The school building work at Kents Hill is really taking shape now.

For a few weeks it all seemed totally chaotic. Piles of earth moving from one place to another, only to be moved again and then piles of hardcore appearing.

Just over a couple of weeks ago things started to settle a bit.

A visible foundation.

And a couple of days ago,

Yesterday a large crane on the back of a lorry appeared.

 My guess is it's to be used to lift the steel framework into place for the actual school building.

The last few days have been quite cold, with early morning frosts, but it hasn't dampened Whisky's enthusiasm for having fun on our walks.

Something I don't understand with some other dog owners though, is why they pick up their dogs crap, put it into a nice plastic bag, and then leave it in a huddle somewhere.

Surely if you're not going to put it into a bin, it would be better to leave it where it is to rot down naturally?

There's been a few birds around at Walton Lake.


Grey Heron

I'm still trying to get pictures of the Ring-necked Parakeet though, as it flies overhead in the mornings.

Yesterday a couple of Velvet Scoters turned up at one of the other local lakes, Willen, so today we headed over there to see if we could find them.

Another beautiful, but cold frosty morning, and Whisky had a great time rolling in the frosty grass, and sniffing out the new smells.

A few birds out on the lake;


Black Swan

lots of Coots, a pair of Red Crested Pochard, and eventually a very distant Velvet Scoter.

Poor shot, barely makes it as a 'record' shot.

I did manage a very short piece of video too.

It was good to see a bird I've never seen before though.