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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bits and Pieces

Last day of the year, so I'll post some of these odd ones taken on our daily walks in Buckinghamshire.

The lovely sight that greets us on the start of our walk.

One of the many Mahonia plants growing in Kents Hill wood. Not sure how they came to be there, but a lovely sight on a cold morning.

The work on the new primary school for Kents Hill is coming along.

Walton Park now has two Ring-necked Parakeets, and this particular morning I managed to get a couple of pictures and a short video.

A few frosty mornings have produced a few nice sunrises.

Caldecotte Lake

And to end with, some of the local 'landscaping'.

Before .................. some lovely shrubs.

And after the chainsaw brigade ............

Not much left.

Enjoy 2017

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