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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Wilstone Reservoir

The last day of November greeted us with a thick frost. It was  -4°C as I scraped the car for the journey and as we got nearer our destination, it fell to -6°C.
Pretty cold.

Wilstone sunrise

Wilstone has the 'dubious' distinction of being on the border, in part, of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Often causes much debate amongst some of the local 'serious' birders as to which 'county' some of it's more 'rarer' birds are in.

We started our walk round the edge of the lake; lots of Coots and Wigeon mostly, and a large flock of Canada Geese noisily flew in. Probably had roosted in one of the local fields.

We get part way round the lake and it breaks out into some fields.

Whisky enjoys frost and snow, and can't resist rolling around in it.


And when that's done, it's time to fly.


We made our way up towards the canal.

Frosty field

Whisky met a Beagle to play with part of the way, and then it was back down towards the reservoir.

A couple of Pied Wagtails were flitting along the edge, and then I noticed this one.

A Grey Wagtail, with a tiny fish

Further along something else 'flitting' along ahead of us.

A poor shot, but a Green Sandpiper.

He managed to keep a good distance ahead of us all the time, but I eventually managed a distant shot.

Green Sandpiper

Back at the car we decided to stop off at Caldecotte Lake, in the hope of maybe seeing a Goosander in the sun.

Not just one, but a total of four; 3 x males and 1 x female.

One of the males.

A really good day in the frost and sun.

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