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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Incombe Hole

Yesterday was a cold frosty start to the day, so after scraping the frost from the windscreen of the car, we set off to Ivinghoe Beacon, and nearby Incombe Hole.
Both come under Buckinghamshire, and Ivinghoe Beacon is a prominent hill in the Chiltern Hills, standing 757 feet above sea level.
It gets windy up there too.

Not many birds to see up there yesterday, so we went across the road to Incombe Hole.

Much better.

I spent ages watching at one point, three Red Kites soaring over the 'hole',

and at times swooping down to catch whatever they had seen.

Fantastic birds to watch; and at one point, one was even watching me.

We walked on eventually, and watched a big flock of Skylark moving their way over the frozen earth of one of the fields, looking for food.

A lot of Redwing about, feeding on the berries of the trees, and even more Fieldfare.


These are usually very shy, but I did manage to get a few pictures.

Very pleased with these.

Eventually, back at the car, and another bird briefly enjoying some berries.

Mistle Thrush

But then, like us, he left.

A good morning.

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