You might see weeds, but I see wild flowers

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Going local

I thought we'd have some of the wild flowers that are growing here on our dog walking sessions.

One that is quite common in most places, to start with.

Germander Speedwell


A small wood that we sometimes walk through, Kents Hill Wood, has some lovely plants growing in there at the moment. The Ox-eye Daisies haven't begun to flower yet, but won't be very long.

Here's a nice carpet of another white flower ...........

Greater Stitchwort

and usually where that grows, you can find these ...........


Hidden amongst the trees, behind them, I was surprised to find a clump of Ramsons growing happily there.

The Lords and Ladies are all growing well now too.

I think my biggest surprise find though, was growing at the side of the road, opposite the Hilton Hotel.

Star of Bethlehem

Not fully in flower yet. Hopefully get another picture soon, although the mowers were in the area, so it may be lost.

Enjoy your day

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