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Monday, 15 May 2017

Into May


Myself and Whisky have had some good days out locally, recently, and I've had a couple further a field, but sadly not been able to take him with me, unfortunately.
Some places don't allow dogs on their reserves. Noisy, screaming, unruly kids are OK, but not a well behaved dog, even if it's on a lead. A shame really.

A plant that seems to be growing everywhere at the moment, is Cow Parsley, whether it is roadside, in a field, or in a wood.

Another plant that is coming into its own just now, is the Ox-eye Daisy.

Along some roadside verges there can be seen great swathes of them. Even some councils delay the dreaded mower, so they can survive and provide food for many insects.

In an earlier post I had some Star of Bethlehem that was beginning to flower. Unfortunately, a few hours after I had taken the pictures, the mowers had moved in and cut them down.
I have since found some more that escaped the blades though.

Hopefully these will continue to grow unscathed.

On sunny days we've managed to see quite a few butterflies on the wing.
One of the commonest here, at the moment, has been the Orange Tip.

A female, on a Cuckooflower, at Caldecotte Lake.

Green-veined White, also on a Cuckooflower

I haven't neglected the bird pictures.

A Buzzard being escorted away from the local lake by a Crow.

Great Crested Grebe with a crayfish lunch.

Grey Heron preening at Caldecotte Lake.

Song Thrush, enjoying the sun.

We had a visit to another local lake, Willen, a few days ago. I'm glad we did, because I saw my first Black Swan of the year.

Black Swan

There were also a lot of ducklings and goslings about too.

Greylag Geese

I'll end with a bird that I really didn't expect to see.

A solo visit one day to RSPB Fowlemere to see Turtle Doves, (no pictures, sadly), and as I got out the car, I was greeted by the sound of four cockerels calling.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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